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Roots Concert Series

The Vine Brothers' Roots Concert Series is acoustic music everywhere. Unbound by the need for electricity, we can play in any room, outdoor space, or street that will have us. We are open to all kinds of shows!

We play in many bars, festivals, and theaters, however, we love our acoustic show. This is generally impossible in a traditional venue. The Roots Concert Series is a way for us to play more intimate shows in unusual places. 
What kind of places? A backyard party, a dinner party, a camping trip, a concert for your friends in your living room, a store opening, a wedding, senior center, you name it
! (there are points for creativity). 

A Vine Brothers Roots Concert is perfect for parents who like live music but can't take their children to a bar at 10pm on a random Thursday

A Vine Brothers Roots Concert is perfect for a Sunday afternoon BBQ and potluck.
A Vine Brothers Roots Concert would spruce up an otherwise dull cocktail party with an IPod. 

Check out this link for an idea of what a Roots Concert is like:

Did you know that The Vine Brothers have a repertoire that spans the entire history of American music? We can do educational shows and teach about the origins and traditions associated with our American heritage. 
We aim to break the mold of the way live music is experienced. 

We tour nationally between the Rockies and the East Coast, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Our regional availabilty is on our calendar page,
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